Special discounted conference rates are provided for participants who book through conference website.

Approximate 1€ ~ 300 HUF and 1$ ~ 230HUF

University-Airport transfer

 We recommend to take a taxi at the airport. A taxi ride form the Airport to the city center should typically cost around 6000 HUF depending on traffic conditions.

Minibus service. If you travel alone, consider the Airport Minibus service, a shared taxi operation that collects passengers going in the same direction and will take you to or from anywhere in Budapest for HUF 3.200 per person or HUF 5.500 for a round trip.


 From 1 September 2013 a new Taxi Decree was introduced in Hungary regulating the price of the taxis at a fixed tariff of 280 HUF/Km in addition to the one-off basic fee of 450 HUF and waiting fee of 70 HUF. (All prices include VAT.)

Public Transportation

 The public transportation system in Budapest is a favorite internal travel option for a number of Budapest visitors. 
Single ticket (vonaljegy): Valid for only one journey, transfer not allowed. HUF 350. HUF 450 if purchased from the driver (available on designated lines). 
Transfer ticket (átszállójegy): Valid for one journey, one transfer included. HUF 530. 
One-day travel card (napijegy): Valid on the day when purchased. HUF 1650. 
Three-day travel card (háromnapos turistajegy): Valid on the day when purchased and on the following two days. HUF 4150.


 Please see the next link to find which country residences do not need visa for Hungary: HERE